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About Us

The Alfa Central Import and Export was built from the inside out, with
family values at heart. Our leadership team has a long history of enterprise
with our bold vision leading the way. Our strength lies in our diversity,
resourcefulness, and the collective pursuit of excellence. We are as diverse as
our businesses. But we are bound together – across international borders and
business endeavors – by our shared Purpose. We are happily located in
Dearborn Heights, Michigan USA, supporting the growth of local retailers.
We provide competitive pricing to retailers and distributors both nationwide
and Middle East. Tell us about the products you’re searching for, over the
phone or indirect communication.

Our vision at Alfa Central Import and Export is to contribute to the economic
development of USA and the Middle East through global trade and
partnership. Simply put, Alfa Central Import and Export is to supply
American and Middle Eastern people with the ability to purchase American
and Middle Eastern products they need at a price they can afford. It operates
and conducts all import and export activities legally permitted in Michigan.

Our diversified and integrated business functions splendidly because all
parties involved rely upon the soundness of a trusting solution. We obtain our
goods and products directly from exclusive factories, no third party. We
supply our reputable business partners with various goods and services to so
they can meet their organizational goals.

In addition, we have established relationships with several government
entities, e.g., US Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center, USA
Commercial Service etc. al. Thus, Alfa Central Import and Export has a
working relationship with appropriate US Embassies overseas to qualify local buyers and attain market intelligence via USA commercial services. The
company is flexible as it functions either as a supplier to buyers utilizing the
US AID program as well as outsource agent and/or broker for varied-sized

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Our Mission

At Alfa Central Import and Export Company, we strive to achieve and meet every customer's expectations and provide total satisfaction by ensuring profitable growth through market expansion, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. As a supplier of high-quality products and services, we look forward to achieving success and customer satisfaction with our promise of 'Serving for Better Future.' Simply put, everything we do is guided by our Purpose: “Enhancing People’s Life,” with a core commitment to facilitating meaningful and justifiable change for all.

• To satisfy our customers is the highest priority.

• To make every effort to deliver the highest      quality products and services
in the business.

Our Vision

To be the most valued business partner in the United States and the Middle East and committed to supplying products & services of the highest possible standards to satisfy our customers’ needs, expectations of quality, safety, and reliability. This is accomplished through our commitment to continually improving our buyers’ and suppliers’ unending support and processes towards progress. We committed to
fulfilling our responsibilities, developing best practices, and reflecting our belief in good citizenship.

• Openness and Trust.
• Integrity and reliability.
• Teamwork and collaboration.
• Unwavering Commitment.

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Ghazi Al Subaih

President CEO and Founder

The chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for maximizing business value by setting the company’s vision, long-term goals, framework, and direction. The chief executive officer works diligently to build up business relationships with several support agencies and business development initiatives designed to build a business pipeline of Middle Eastern countries actively pursuing the purchase of products made in USA.

Office: 313-924-2444
Mobile: 313-522-6273
Email address:


Alfa Al Subaih

Vice President (VP) and Founder

Vice President (VP) of Marketing takes responsibility for the overall
marketing results of the company. He also oversees marketing strategies and efforts to strengthen the company's market position and achieve desired business goals.

Office: 313-924-2444
Mobile: 313-414-5073
Email address:

Janan Nassir .JPG

Janan Al Subiah

CFO and Founder

The chief financial officer (CFO) oversees a company's finances. A CFO analyzes financial data, reports financial performance, prepares budgets, and monitors costs.

Office: 313-924-2444
Mobile: 313-414-5073
Email address:


Head Office


To discuss your order and requirements, give us a call, email us, or just fill out our contact form.

5639 Beaver Street Dearborn Heights Michigan 48127 United States

Tel: 313 924 2444

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